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✨FREE shipping on orders $150+ US // $200+ International


    Hello, thank you for your interest in promoting Peachiie Shop. 

    Due to the high volume of messages we get regarding requests for free merchandise, we have decided to close the ambassador program and expand our affiliate program.

    We do not send free merchandise to new influencers that we have never worked with.

    Our affiliate program is FREE to sign up to.

    You earn 15% commission when your followers use your custom code.

    They will also receive 15% off anything over $10. 

    Affiliate rewards program
            • 2 uses: $10 gift card 
            • 3 uses: $30 gift card 
            • 5 uses: $50 gift card 
            • 8 uses: $100 gift card 
            • 10+ uses: $200 gift card
    -Once you cash in a gift card it will revert back to 0 uses.
    -(For example: You can wait until you hit 5 uses for the $50 gift card or every 2 uses for $10 etc.)
    -Commission gets paid out every $25
    -Self orders do not count towards the reward program and you cannot earn commission on your own order.
    We look forward to working with you!
    >> Sign up link <<
    We also have special collection of products to help you improve your photos and content and regularly hold private sales for our affiliates!

    Amazing Customer Service

    Questions? Comments? Need help? Our customer service team works monday to friday!

    Fast Shipping

    We ship out orders within 5-7 business days and use the fastest shipping lines available to make sure you get your products as fast as possible!

    Quality Guaranteed

    We make quality products for our raving fans! We are a small, independently run business dedicated to making great merch and street fashion for everyone.