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    OC: Mieko

    Name: Mieko (Mee-eh-koh)

    Age: Appears 17 (human years)

    Gender: F

    Orientation: Straight

    Blood Type: O

    Likes: Sweets, Tuna, Warm places, ribbons, blankets

    Dislikes: The cold, loud dogs, water, being alone

    Love interest: Hideki



    Mieko is a young 17 year old girl, who was once a street cat who's owners moved away and left her behind. Lilith the witch took pity on her and took her in..

    'One day, while playing in Lilith's cabinet, Mieko accidentally knocked over a potion bottle. It tipped, over spilling out a sweet, candy-smelling sticky syrup. Mieko, being a curious kitty, couldn't help herself and risked a small lick of the substance...and then another, and then another. Before she knew it, she felt dizzy and passed out.

    The next day, Lilith woke up but Mieko the cat was nowhere to be found. She looked for her on her usual cat tree, on window sills, but nothing. Eventually she went downstairs to her workshop and lo and behold, a small teenage girl was sleeping in her cabinet! The little girl woke up, stretched, and promptly fell of the shelf with a thud. Hearing a gasp, Mieko looked up to see Lilith with her hands over her mouth. 

    'Hiya!' Mieko said with a smile, and also clasped her hands over her mouth, her eyes growing wide. 

    Lilith spotted the sticky goop dripping from the cabinet. 'Mieko? Did you..drink my human potion?'

    Mieko looked down at her tail, and felt the soft white ears on top of her head. She looked back at her owner with a sheepish green.

    'I guess i did, but... not enough! Hehe. Nice to meet you! Got any more sweets?'

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